Portfolio - Illustration

Gender Reveal Animation

To reveal the gender of our baby-on-the-way, my wife and I hosted a party centered around discovering whether we were having a boy or a girl. To reveal the gender to ourselves and our family and friends, I developed a video animation that would be played at a party. The animation featured baby photos from my wife and my childhood, an illustrated giraffe who goes through some old wives tales in determining gender from pregnancy symptoms, and finished with a countdown that revealed the gender (to all of our surprises). Two DVDs were made, (one with a boy ending / one with a girl ending) with the correct one secretly selected by the ultrasound tech. The video was a huge success and created the suspense we were hoping for.


Da Bears - YMCA Floor Hockey Team

For the 2011 Monroe YMCA Winter Classic, I designed a logo for our floor hockey team, Da Bears. The overall feel of the logo was meant to reflect competitive aggression that is often seen in tradition sports logos, with a satirical twist in the incorporation of Coach Ditka’s signature sweater vest. The logo was a huge hit amongst teammates and other players in the league.


Lighthouse Christian Camp Map

Lighthouse Christian Camp, a Free-Methodist retreat in Upstate New York, needed an update to their outdated camp map. The new, illustrated rendition featuring updated building layouts and the incorporation of the newly built Lighthouse Commons. The map is being used on the camp website, as well as in print collateral throughout the camping season. The map was also recently incorporated in a book produced in early 2012, highlighting the full history of the camp.


Fisher Price - Geo Trax Display

Fisher Price, the makers of GeoTrax children’s transportation systems, needed an illustration to showcase their plans for a new store display. I illustrated the display with its new organization format, a test track booth for children to play, and a train track floor graphic leading people through the store to the GeoTrax display.

Employer // Bob Wright Creative


Kodak  GCG - NexPress Postcards

Eastman Kodak was the sponsor of the Turning Stone Resort Championship. For the event, Kodak wanted to send out promotional postcard pieces. A series of postcards were created based on the idea of “golf everywhere.” The concept for the featured illustration was a person playing with his food, not able to get golf out of his mind.

Employer // Bob Wright Creative


Bob Wright Creative - Holiday Card

For the upcoming holiday season, Bob Wright Creative wanted a greeting card to send to both clients and vendors. The people at Bob Wright loved the idea of using an Anne Frank quote as the central focus of the illustration. A simple blue cover stock and silver metallic ink were used to give the piece a wintery feel. The card was a one sided print out, so recipients could display the card as artwork for the holidays.

Employer // Bob Wright Creative 


Bob Wright Creative - Campaign Mailer

As a marketing campaign, Bob Wright Creative sent monthly desk calendar mailers to showcase their design capabilities. Designs and illustrations varied from month to month, but all revolved around the concept of “Extend Your Reach”. I illustrated April’s mailer, which featured a cold winter scene changing to reveal a flowering tree, with the branches spelling the word “bloom”.

Employer // Bob Wright Creative  

Madonna & Child

For my senior honors project in college, I researched symbolism used throughout the history of Madonna and Child paintings. Using this research, I began creating an all vector contemporary Madonna and Child, with a focus on Mary’s poverty. Traditional symbolism is used throughout the piece, including the use of birds, insects, specific colors, and setting elements. The piece won first place in the 2007 Robert’s Wesleyan College juried art show.


Abundance - Interactive Installation

A series of rear-lit illustrations embedded in an interactive sculpture. The piece was a contemporary commentary on consumerism.