Portfolio - Identity

lighthouse christian camp

Lighthouse Christian Camp has long been a part of my family’s life. For the 2015 summer camping season, Lighthouse desired to refresh their image with a new identity that registered more closely with the youthful spirit of the people that enjoy the campgrounds. The process included explorations and style, color, and scaleability of the design across multiple applications. The final product was a mark that could function independently or be paired with the name of the camp - fleshed out in a variety of colors that were inspired by the shores of Lake Ontario.

Food From a Broad

Based in Troy, New York, Food From A Broad is a private chef/in-home catering company, providing fresh, ready made meal options for a myriad of occasions. The owner wanted a logo that reflected the tough working woman ("broad") mentality, as well as a traditional Americana feel, since Troy is considered the birthplace of Uncle Sam. The end result was a depiction of Rosie the Riveter, holding a whisk, illustrated in a muted patriotic color palette. The logo translated well to a one color illustration, which could be printed on delivery bags, and craft paper brand elements.



A good friend of mine, Tyler Gagnon, requested a design for a personal seal, which could be used to identify Tyler’s online presence for Twitter and his satirical blog, Meatiocrity. Using the symbols of a raven, olive branch and ouroboros, I executed a 1-color illustration that could easily be adapted to the multiple formats Tyler requested. As a result, I was honored to have my illustration translated into a tattoo, a personal first.



An upcoming arborist company, ArborSmiths, started by 2 brothers (last name, Smith...get it?) asked for an identity to help reflect there rugged personality and trade. The mark contains the company initials (for stand alone applications) and functions as a duel image, both as an axe blade and a tree trunk being cut). The plan is to use the logo on company trucks, helmets, shirts, and collateral. More brand elements to come!


Assorted Goods & Candy

For the opening of their store in Louisville, Colorado, Assorted Goods & Candy wanted an identity that reflected the company’s focus on vintage candy and goods. A mark was developed that hints to the classic bottled sodas and retro candy flavors, providing flexability in color depending on the client’s needs. The mountains within the mark pay tribute to the Assorted Good’s focus on their local community. Since opening, Assorted Goods has received much attention and welcome from the great people of Louisville.


Lupus Foundation

The Lupus Foundation of Genesee Valley came to the MSM design team in need of collateral and a new brand identity. The logo I designed was inspired by butterflies and the color purple, two visuals that are closely associated with lupus. The end result was a unique identity that reinforced the professionalism and positive results that the Foundation is having on the local lupus community. The new look was debuted at the Lupus Loop Walk, their largest fundraiser of 2011.

Employer // Mirror Show Management


World Vision - Acting on AIDS

Acting on AIDS, a movement to raise awareness of the global AIDS pandemic, held their National Summit at Taylor University in Indiana. For the event, Acting on AIDS held a national contest to design the logo for the event. My design featured an ink splatter with the Acting on AIDS type growing out, representative of the disease growing and mutating. The design won the national contest and was featured on t-shirts and throughout the event.